My Story

Before & After

Growing up I was never overweight. My parents always had a hard time getting me to finish my meals because I was always more interested in running around and playing. That all changed when I turned 10 years old. Around that time, I would say is when my weight gains all started. My father had just gotten a job as a manager at KFC and so I would go there and eat everyday after school. I grew up in Lebanon, and so KFC had this promotion where it was “Eat Until Your Full” basically that meant that you could eat as much as you want for the price of one meal. That promotion ran for a long time, long enough for it to affect me physically I would say. I would go to the restaurant after school and I would just eat and eat and eat. Then I would go home and I would eat some more. Matter a fact my entire days started centering around food, and coming from a culture where food is a staple around every life event from happy ones to sad ones there was never a shortage of it.


I remember the day I realized that I had gained a bunch of weight. I was changing and I saw my belly and I remember thinking ‘Oh wow I look like grandpa!’. I don’t think I even cared at the time, it never crossed my mind that what was happening was unhealthy or unappealing in anyway. I guess society conditions us to fit a certain mold in life in terms of how we are supposed to look. It just hadn’t gotten to me… yet.


When I turned 11 I moved to Canada with my dad and my eating problems only got worst. Being in a new country and going through a culture shock really got to me. I remember I would get snacks after school and just eat and watch movies. I hadn’t made any friends yet and I was all alone. Food was my only friend and favorite passed time.  Even when I made friends though, all we wanted to do was go to the mall and eat. I found that I started to wear baggy clothe at this point because I wanted to mask my weight loss. I never weighed myself and I never had the urge to find out how much I weighed. I was oblivious to what was happening around me and frankly I didn’t care.

Before & After

I kept gaining weight until I turned 23 years old. At that moment in my life I had never been to the gym I never ate healthy and I was starting to realize that I had a problem. Walking up the stairs was such a chore in our home. Doing anything that involved doing any physical activity was painful on my feet. I was struggling and I knew that if I didn’t get to the problem I would probably end up in trouble.