There are a lot of great websites out there to help with your weight loss journey. For example there are a lot of websites and applications that help track foods and exercise progress. One of my personal favourite apps that helped me on the daily was MyFitnessPal. In fact I still use MyFitnessPal to this day and continue to track my progress and my workouts to help me maintain my weight and improve my overall health.



MyFitnessPal has an app available for Androids, and iPhones. It has a multitude of options available that help track a persons daily caloric intake. Users can also track the amount of water they need to drink, and how many calories they lose. Best of all MyFitnessPal is customizable and easy to use.



Youtube is an awesome website to find videos and workout routines for anyone that’s just beginning their weigh loss journey. A simple search could bring up hundreds of different workout routines geared towards anyone looking to lose weight or gain muscle.